January 17, 2022

How to incorporate manual testing into your teams development process


It's no secret that testing is critical to building a great app. What may be less well known, however, is how to incorporate manual testing into the process of your team's development cycle. Manual testing can make iterating and fixing bugs in your app much faster and easier than any other type of test. In this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of manual testing in app development and how you can use it to help your team build better apps more efficiently.

Manual testing is a critical step for building better apps

Manual testing is a critical step for building better apps. This testing allows you to verify that your app has the features, functions, and performance you expect. Manual tests can also help identify bugs or issues with the user interface that automated tests may miss.

Manual testing is essential because it allows users to interact with your app in ways that automated tests do not allow them to. For example, if an app has a feature where content changes when you tilt your phone on a table, then manual testers would need to provide this input as they test out this feature instead of just having an automated script do it for them.

The importance of manual testing in app development

While automated testing is essential, it's also critical to incorporate manual testing into the development process. Manual testing is a great way to get feedback from users and ensure that your app is performing as expected.

Automation tools are good at finding app bugs, but they can't tell you what the user experience should be like. To learn more about how people use your app and detect any usability issues early on, manually test your product before releasing it into production by using real users rather than relying only on automated checks and tests.

How much manual testing should be done?

You'll want to consider how much manual testing should be done and all the factors that go into that decision. There is no one-size-fits-all answer; you should decide this based on your team's resources and needs. Manual testing can take time, so if you have a small team or limited budget, it may not make sense to test every piece of the app manually. On the other hand, if you have plenty of people available for testing and don't mind dedicating more time to development (or are looking to create a more specific product), then having them perform manual tasks might be beneficial.

Many other factors affect how much manual testing is appropriate for your project: how many people are involved in manual testing? What kind of app are they building? How often do the developers need access to testers? How long will it take developers to complete their work before handing over the codebase? Are there any specific features or functions they want testers to focus on while using their apps?

What if automated testing is already taking place?

If you already have automated tests, manual testing is not a replacement for automated testing. Instead, it's a compliment to the existing automated test suite. Manual testers can spot problems that automated tests might miss and help identify areas where your application might need further attention (like identifying whether new features are working as intended).

How do you include everyone in the manual testing process?

One way to ensure everyone is involved in the manual testing process is by using a bug reporting tool like GitHub or Jira. These tools allow you to create, track and prioritize bugs that your team members across all departments report. ManualTesting.dev integrates with many issues tracking applications to enable teams across multiple departments to stay connected on every single issue without switching between different web apps.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our post on the importance of manual testing in app development. We had a lot of fun creating it and are excited to share the information with you. If you've ever been interested in manual testing, now is the perfect start!

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