January 10, 2022

Manual testing as a part of the development process


Manual testing is a time-honoured part of any development process. And, as developers become increasingly reliant on automated testing, the need for quality manual testing increases. With ManualTesting.dev, we aim to make it easier to integrate manual testing into your existing workflow.

Why manual testing is useful

Manual testing is an excellent way to test the product in a natural environment with real users. Manual testers can use their computer, operating system and network connection to execute tests (instead of a lab environment). Moreover, they have access to all the information they need about the testing functionality. For example, if you are testing a website and want to see how it works on mobile devices, you should test it yourself by browsing your website on an iPhone or Android phone.

Use ManualTesting.dev to make manual testing part of your development process

ManualTesting.dev is a cloud-based test management tool that makes manual testing part of your development process. Use ManualTesting.dev to create tests, maintain test cases and make automated tests reproducible.

ManualTesting.dev saves you hours of manual testing daily by allowing you to reuse existing test cases, speed up regression testing and ensure your automated tests are always up-to-date.


We hope this article has helped you understand the value of manual testing and how you can use it to make your development process more efficient. We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments! Feel free to contact us.

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