Letter to Developers

December 24, 2021

How I improved my confidence, code quality and became a better developer

Manual testing was always an underrated part of my development. I worked under pressure to deliver fast, stable and predictable code. Usually, there was no time for writing valid test cases and test plans. Instead, any excuse was a good reason to skip it.

Lack of testing caused stress and anxiety. Every time I tried to deploy my code, I used to ask myself numerous, repeatable questions, e.g. did I miss some regression in the code? Didn't I forget to update environment variables, update config files, remove unnecessary comments from the code, and I could produce a list of many more serious questions.

Many companies need to iterate fast. Manual testing is often left behind. Popular combo (Google Doc + Excel) bring mess, confusion, and lack of control during the whole process. It does not help teams keep peace of mind during the development and release process.

We built ManualTesting.dev, a simple and powerful tool, to help my team and people like me write code, test it, and deliver on time with confidence.

So, if you have a list of test cases to review every time you deploy your code, or you have a checklist to review before a release, or you need a place to store user cases, new feature requirements and create test scenarios based on them, then this tool is for you.

And, as a developer, if you are looking for ways to deliver better code, control what to test and deploy, and have peace of mind , reduce stress and anxiety, then this tool is for you as well. 😌

PS. "Any new application must be manually tested before its testing can be automated." found it on the Internet.

Co-founder, Software Developer
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